Swapan Das, a self taught painter was born on 18th June 1954 & brought up in
Jalpaiguri in the state of West Bengal in India, is one of those notable artists of North
Bengal who are on record as having devoted themselves to the art of paintings for a long
time. He participated in many exhibitions held at various towns of North Bengal amidst
appreciation, though not high but pampering. Hist uphill journey as a painter was initially not a
happy one but now his name steadily reaches the painting circuit of West Bengal followed by
a bit of fame spilling over to other states.

His works were regularly showcased in the Annual Exhibitions organised by Academy of Fine
Arts, Kolkata from 1986 to 1990. He also participated in the National Exhibition in the year
1990. His work Titled "
Balance" was collected by Lalitkala Academy, Lucknow on a token
price for permanent exhibition in their museum.

Tempera is the medium which Swapan prefers most for giving expression to his dreams and

In most of his works various human instincts, good and bad, come in to play under light and
shade creating a chiaroscuro effect that demands close attention. The truth that the eye is
the mirror of mind is evidently borne out by his figures having unusual eyes, round and
larger, brightened with lewd passion, greed or vindictiveness.