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Geetika Pathania's
Water Colours
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Geetika Pathania's Water Colours

Born on 9th April 1974, Geetika was brought up in Palampur, a small town in Himachal
Pradesh in North India. She has been doing paintings since her childhood.
She came to New Delhi in 1998 for higher studies in Accessory designing from
National institute of fashion designing, New Delhi. Since then she has settled in
New Delhi and has been working as an accessory designer and now settled as full
time artist.

The transition from the calmness of Hills of Himachal Pradesh to the busy running
life of Delhi streets made her grow into a different person as an artist.
Her daily tryst with the city for last 10 years pushed her to look into the life on the road.
She has studied the Rickshaw pullers and their life on the road closely. She has tried to make a subjective
statement that reflects the struggle of the rickshaw pullers in the fast running capital city.

We from
Milansagar are pleased to display fifteen of her resent collection of 30 paintings, a series made on
life of rickshaw pullers on the roads and streets of New Delhi, the Capital of India. She has been able to bring
out the misery and struggle in the lives of the Rickshaw pullers without compromising the beauty of her

Contact the Artist directly for all enquiries at :
Address: 75 C, Pocket- A, DDA Flats, Sukhdev Vihar, New Delhi - 110025.
Tel.: 91 11 41320292 (R),  Mob: 919818566248,
Geetika's Water Colours
Geetika Pathania's (Water Colours)
Tryst with the road
Medium : water colors and ink on paper board.
Sizes : black and white ink paintings ( 10 x 14 inches )
        Water colour paintings ( 14 x 20 inches )

Please click on the small pictures to see Enlarged Views
Busy Street
Heavy rain and traffic
Out from furniture market
In the dawn
On the signal
Rain in the bus stop
Pan shop
Rickshaw wreck in the city
On his own richshaw
Playing cards
Summer afternoon
Tea on the footpath
Tea time on road
Tea stall on footpath