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1.   Addiction
2.   Aftermath Of The Serrated Lines
3.   ... Because of you
4.   Paradise lost
5.   Thoughts of a true swain
6.   Poisonous Love           
Sleep Well
8.   The Unknown Journey   
Only for You  
A woman - She is...
11. Let us      


In the starry nights,
Laying alone on the floor,
With loaded expectations in my heart.
Which by you; have never been explored

The silence prevails
All around me
And the thoughts about you
Have stolen my fantasy
With burning emotions,
And feelings so strong
My heart is the place
Where you always belong.

Dear, You are my biggest obsession,
Yes, you are my life's major passion,
You will always have my strong
What else can I say;
You are my only ADDICTION.


Aftermath Of The Serrated Lines

Lurid clouds... hovering above
Dusty wind ... amoking,
Subversion which was about to happen,
Has already happened...
Mother nature once again proved
Her bilious vixenish...

A sudden quiver,
Turned to deliterious...
Robbed the smiles,
Brought tears,
The ruddy colour
And the scene of destruction
Appearing everywhere...

Death emerged a winner,
Ruling in full supremacy,
Life... taking the back seat,
Accepting the fact mellowingly.

We cannot accept the things,
Which are destined to happen,
Still... Life has to move on,
No wonder if its a false belief
Tomorrow life would definitely see a better dream.
( ...Dedicated to the victims of the earthquake )


... Because of you

In a plaintive mood; I am sitting idle,
Tasting my tears,
And thinking about
The moments which were so apocryphal

It seems; Time has stopped,
Dreams are lost.
Faith is dead
And trust is betrayed

For a fatuous decision
I am paying the price,
My love's been bilked
And Metanoia's soaring high.


Paradise lost

Blood relations
Have turned apocryphal
Old age is bemoaning,
For some food
And a harbor,
Life has made
A new beginning.

Trying to decipher,
The puzzle of life
Without any trepidation
In the heart,
He's making a new strife.

Behaving like a,
True soldier of God
He's completing,
The journey of life
with an audacious heart,
And only miseries by his side.

Getting clemency
From outsiders
And antipathy
This poor destitute
Is going on singing
The sweet song of life.

Taking life as a challenge
He's meeting every step of it.
With a smile on his wrinkled
And woes loaded inside the
Tears rolling down his cheek
He exclaimed .... "God my
Heart's paradise is lost !!"


Thoughts of a true swain

Flashes of those moments rare,
The hollow mind inside bears,
The sweet pain that's been inflicted.

I still wonder why I did that,
I should have remained as I am,
A spoilt brat !!
Why I gave my heart I don't know
Its natural ... I have to alone
suffer all my woes.
In this world nothing is permanent
You are not with me today,
Trust me it doesn't make any DIFFERENCE

Here I am; left on the ground,
With broken wings,
And shattered dreams
Fervent thoughts remain unspoken,
Still the heart is full of ebullience
With false hope in my eyes,
I am writing this piece
I know in vain is my try.


Poisonous Love

The person whom I love
Is a deleterious one;
Poison all over
Trust me, its not my delusion
Enmeshed into her Poisonous net
Slowly moving towards; the world unseen
Where no breathing man,
Has ever been.

Unchaste by nature,
Frailish in mind
Having an appearance so cherubic.
Innocent and Kind.

The eyes are like two pools of mystery,
A conundrum is the heart.
This poor swain is trying hard to gather courage.
And get the solutions apart.



You are sleeping
Nice and quiet
To wake you up
My love wanted and tried.

Careworn and exhausted,
It kept on trying.
But it did not realise.
Its essence was dying.

The eternal passion
Became fate's victim
And the light of luck
Turned dim.

I promise,
I won't disturb your sleep.
In peace you carry on.
To wake up there's no need.

Let the change.
Let this heart cry.
Let there be a draught of faith and trust,
And let emotions go dry.

Don't wake up.
There's no need,
Let others mangle and perish...
But you complete your sleep.

Let love get assaulted,
And no madness prevail.
Let promises get shattered,
And feelings throttled.

Don't disturb your sleep,
You be carefree,
No need to get bothered.
Be always engulfed in glee.


Who am I?
To find I try,
With blurred senses; I fail
I know not why...

What do I mean to others?
What existance do have I?
I don't get these answers,
I know not why...

Am I that prudish and deceitful?
Am I the source of all problems?
That I always end up,
Making people groan and cry!!

Life is tough.
I know it RIGHT,
But the unseen world of death,
I know it RIGHT.

I am making a journey,
By my side; only darkness
Is giving me company.

Insane I have become,
Mentally mortified I have grown
Always running after illusions,
I have made myself UNKNOWN.

Being a MUSER I really want,
This journey to end,
So that I can give my INNUMERABLE pains
A nice and quick vent...


Every moment,
That I am living
About you,
My mind is always thinking.

Every moment,
I pray for you,
So that you be happy
And my love for you proves true.

Every moment,
I miss you,
I always feel your need,
Trust me; I am being true.

Every moment,
This heart crys,
From inside; can't help it,
God has made it too fragile.

Every moment
I am getting killed
Inside my heart
There is PAIN filled.

Oh lord!! please don't create a situation,
Fot which I have to repine,
Cos', whatever I did,
I did with my full heart and mind.


With ornaments
Of distrust and hatred,
And pain so malevolent
She was gilded.

Impounded she was
Into a world so queer
Where reality took
A shape so austere.

Its love that makes
The world go round,
But ironically in a sinister paradise,
She is kept impound.

Geniality, peace...
Everything got robbed,
Forever &love is left
To rot.

Fear of loosing honour,
Kept her moving on.
Beauty, desire, passion
Were ultimately gone.

The sands of time
Are moving by,
But strongly she will face everything
To herself she has made a behight.

Bejewelled her life is,
With pains, sorrows & sufferings,
But still in her fece
The power to fight is glowing.

A wife, a mother,
An embodiment of strength,
She is waiting to get salvation
And the penance to end.


Let's start it again,
Let's feel the right way,
Let's set ablaze,
The passion of togetherness...
What do you say?
Let's enjoy the blackish
Beauty of life,
Let's get intoxicated
By its fragrance,
Let's make everything easy;
Let's not have any ambivalence.
Let's close our eyes,
Let's see through our hearts,
Let's feel the heat of our breath,
Let's make a new start!!!
Let's plunge into,
The ocean of togetherness,
Let's vow; we won't ever part,
Let's forget about those swarty days,
Let's not think about
Those moments of desparation.
Let's forget about those injuries,
Caused by our wounded emotions.
Let no insecurity encompass us,
Let no ferment words,
Touch the tongue of ours.
Let's rind off,
The old crimson memories,
Which have pricked our mind for so long.
Let's profess...
In each other's heart
We always belong.
So let's start it again,
Let's feel the right way,
Let love rule our hearts.
Come on!! Let's make a new start.