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Ayan Sengupta
Indian Classical Music Sitar
The most popular and well known Indian instrument.

Master Ayan Sengupta
A disciple of Pt Manilal Nag and Pt Kaushal Das. Born on 16th Oct 1990, he is a child prodigy who is only 16
years old now, studying in class X.
Has participated in various prestigious concerts and music conferences such as:
10th National Youth Festival, Hyderabad in 2005 and stood 2nd, Shantipur Classical Music Conference 2004,
Shyamnagar Vasanta Utsav 2004, Naad Brahma Sangeet Samaj in 2003, Ichhapur Unmil Music Conference
2003, Kolkata Children Conference 2003, Pundit Gokul Naag Memorial Foundation 2002, CESC Recreation
Annual Music Conference 2002.
A National Award Winner in 2003, drawing prestigious scholarship.

Contact: 66 Pirtala Road, PO Shyamnagar,Dt 24 Paraganas(N),PIN 743127, West Bengal, India.
Tel: 91 33 25862553, Mob: 91 9433316393
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Raga Iman by Ayan Sengupta on Sitar accompanied by Tapas Paul on Tabla           

Raga Hemant by Ayan Sengupta on Sitar accompanied by Tapas Paul on Tabla   

Raga Sohini by Ayan Sengupta on Sitar accompanied by Tapas Paul on Tabla           
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Ayon Sengupta  (left) and the young sitar player performing (right)
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