Pictures of Singur Nandigram Movement
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These pictures have been taken by Milan while participating in these Padayatras (Walks or Marches), Meetings and Rallies in Kolkata and elsewhere. Some of the photos were
collected from other sources and have been published here with due credits.
Delhi University students' protest against Nandigram. 12th Nov 2007.
The students of Delhi University boycotted their classes and carried out a protest march against the State
sponsored terrorism carried out in Nandigram and expressed their solidarity with the people of Nandigram
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Photographs sent by Tanmoy Kundu, New Delhi.
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Press release:-

Delhi University students of North campus duly protested against the atrocities in Nandigram sponsored by the West Bengal
government. In a joint press statement post-graduate students Mr. Arijit Kundu and Ms. Tamanna Emi told that until and unless the
government atrocities be stopped in Nandigram the students of Delhi University will be alert and vigilant and will continue to show
their support towards the victims of Nandigram in their own small way.
On Monday dated 12 the November 2007, the students of Delhi University (North Campus) boycotted their classes and arranged a
small rally. The rally started at 12 o'clock in front of Vivekananda statue and after covering the whole university campus it was
completed in starting point. Beside the students, the teaching and non-teaching staff of Delhi University supported the activity
In an interview, Mr. Arijit Kundu who was one of the activists told that as it was held in a very short time span, we could not arrange a
bigger one. He also told that the West Bengal government had not right to kill the innocent Villagers of Nandigram and he warned the
government of larger responses from the students of Delhi University. If the situation of Nandigram does not change its course. The
students boldly told that their protest activities on Monday were completely on humanitarian grounds without any political motivation.   
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