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Moods of the Sea 2
Soumitra's Diganta
The Moods of the Sea
is a collection of photographs
of the sea taken by Soumitra Sanyal, a Sailor
and Chief Engineer Sailing in the High Seas. He also happens to be an avid lover and patron of Milan's
Sculpture. These photographs show that he is no less an Artist than an Engineer.
He is very happy to share with all, the beautiful scenes that Mother Nature shows him in the middle of
the Seas and Oceans, where he dares to go.
Soumitra lives in Kolkata with his family. Like all Sailors' wives, his wife Rinku, who is a Doctor, takes
care of every thing back at home leaving Soumitra to scale the waves in peace. His daughter, Nandini is a
highly talented Chalk Sculptor, a student of Class VIII of Heritage School in Kolkata. Soumitra's Son
Diganta, which means Horizon in Bengali, is a cute naughty toddler.
Soumitra Sanyal
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