Welcome to Milan's
compositions in Bronze , Wood,
Epoxy and Plaster. The sculptor
creates from the world around
him.  His works reflect the
moods and circumstances he has
been through in his life.
Compositions in Bronze...
Click the mouse to view large photos.  All sizes in Inches.
Mermaid & Diver (10x3x4)
Captain (14 tall)
Lord Ganesh on Atom
Bomb (8x4x4)
The Helmsman
The Classical Singer (8x8x8)
Rikshaw puller & Kolkatan Babu
Pele, the back volley. (8x8x8)
Entycer ! (15x8x3)
Elusive Love ! (7x4x3)
Mermaid with her pearl.
Chariot Festival, Puri. (15x10x5)
Coal Trimmer (8x4x4)
She. (8 tall)
in Wood...
Draped ! (14 tall)
Carved in Mahogany.
Compositions in Plaster of Paris...
Click the mouse to view large photos. All sizes in inches .
Education !,
Baul, the folk
from Bengal
Netaji, (14 tall)
Freedom to Tagore's Spirit !
Created on the eve of expiry
of  Visva Bharati's copyright
over Tagore's works. (24 tall)
The Marine Engineer
Tagore, (12x3x3)
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