Anne Brack spent her early life in the Parramatta area, where she won a scholarship to
the East Sidney Technical College and became one of the first graphic designers to graduate. After
graduation, Anne worked as Graphic Designer for A.C.I. and later for Sebels.

A move to the Central Coast and the beginning of a new teaching career kept her busy. During this
time, Anne completed her Fine Art Certificate at Hornsby T.A.F.E. She has taught for many years
at the Baxter Juvenile Centre, Mt Penang and at Art Society Workshops, held classes and
demonstrations at the Gosford Regional Art Gallery, which also involved local schools on a special
project to encourage artistic expression and the journey of  artists in their chosen field of work.
Private pupils have also given her great satisfaction.

She is also known for her work with the Australian Floral Festival, designing theor posters for many
years. A number of awards were received for the Best Exhibitor, including floral display and planning.
The Central Coast won the Tourism Award for promoting the Floral Festival.

Anne is a member of numerous art societies including The Royal Arts Society of New South Wales and
has just been granted Life Membership with the Central Coast Watercolour Society.

Her work covers all mediums including watercolour, oil, pastel, pen and wash and mixed media. It has
been presented in numerous exhibitions and hangs in public and private collections in Germany, Japan
(The Mayor’s Collection at Edagowa), America, New Zealand, Tasmania and the Central Coast.

To quote her feelings about her work, “Art will always be my great love, bringing with it the magic of
time and space and powers of healing. Watercolour offers a link between this world and the spiritual
world, bringing together the whole of these things. THE TOTAL EXPERIENCE”. She adds,
“Watercolour! what could be more beautiful ? It is the Total Journey”.

We at Milansagar are thankful to Anne for giving us the permission to publish her Art in our Gallery.

Anne's creations are numerous and hence we have categorised and displayed them in eight different
pages, in addition to the home page. They are :