Reuven Gayle is a self taught Artist who lives in America. He started carving
chalk at 15 in 1968. Now he also carves larger pieces in stone and wood. But chalk is
still his favorite and He still carves it. All these carvings are made from sticks of
chalks are about 1 to 2 cm tall.

We are very happy to exhibit this passionate Master Sculptor's works in our website.

Contact the Sculptor directly for all enquiries at :
e-mail :       

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Reuven Gayle
Reuven Gayle's Chalk Sculptures
Reuven Gayle's Chalk Sculptures
Reuven Gayle's Chalk Sculptures
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Salsa Fever
NO Sama Bin Laden
Killer Spider
Book Store really close up
Beatle Ride on a real Beatle
Balancing Act
Old Man
Sculpture display
Struggle by Zainul
In Hand
American Eagle cane cover
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