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Sujit Das
Paintings & Chalk Sculptures
Sujit Das's Paintings
Sujit Das's Paintings
Sujit Das's Paintings
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size 75cmx104cm
Folm-in-a-wall, 2005,
Size 75cmx104cm
Durga, 2005,
Size 130cmx180cm
Global-warming, 2011,
Size 75cmx104cm
Size 75cmx104cm
Size 75cmx104cm
Krishna, 2010,
Size 75cmx104cm
Mritakalpa, 2010,
Size 40cmx48cm
New War I,
Size 75cmx104cm
New War V,
Size 75cmx104cm
Rythm of music, 2010,
Size 75cmx104cm
Size 40cmx48cm
Surja katha, 2005,
Size 75cmx104cm
Universal Music,
Size 130cmx180cm
Untitled I, 2010,
Size 40cmx48cm
Untitled II, 2010,
Size 40cmx48cm
Untitled III, 2010,
Size 40cmx48cm
Village Girl,
Size 75cmx100cm
He used to convert the stories he heard from his father during his childhood, into colourful paintings. From a very
early age, he used to participate in the art competitions, exhibitions etc. His paintings were greatly appreciated
by the viewers and sometimes they used to purchase them. Alongside, he also grwew a sharp interest in engraving
on chalk sticks. People were influenced by the improved skills, techniques and new styles that he used in paintings
and he was approached to design several cover pages of books ad now he is a well-known cover-page artist. He also
works for the famous Assamese coloue comic for children ‘Rangmoon’and for the weekly newspaper ‘Amar Nagaon’.
He opened an art school, Jyoti Art School in 1999 where at present, more than 500 students are learning art
under his guidance.

His chosen field of work in which he is enormously gifted has now taken him to the Guinness Book of World
Records. In 2010, he created a one inch Durga idol on a piece of chalk in 30 minutes through which he seeks an
entry into the Book to be scripted as the creator of the Smallest Durga idol. The idol has been already recognised
as the ‘
World’s Smallest Durga Idol’ by as many as 10 international and 4 national record book organisations.
Apart from the famed Durga idol Sujit has made several other idols including that of
Bhupen Hazarika, Mother
and Barak Obama which were appropriately appreciated by all and sundry.

Sujit, an acclaimed artist always craves for new artistic goals. He says, “Creating something extraordinary gives
me immense pleasure.....so I prefer to think out-of-the box and may be for this very quailty as many as 10
organisations have recognised my creation as one of the marvels on earth.” He has held various exhibitions in many
parts of the country so far and his works also have been displayed in international fine arts exhibitions. In 2002,
he received the Lalit Kala Parishad Award from Lalit Kala Parishad Vishapatnam. In 2009, he was awarded with the
National Award for Best Young Artist at Amritsar (Punjab) under Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt of
India. Sujit Das has a diploma in Visual Arts, Sarbabharatiya Sangeet -O- Sanskriti Parishad, Kolkata.

While he has set new records with his Chalk Sculptures he certainly is great with his paintings. His vibrant
colours give us the nature of his colourful inner self. We at
Milansagar are very happy to exhibit this Artist's
works in our website.

Contact the Sculptor directly for all enquiries at :
e-mail :  sujitdas2007@gmail.com     
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Sujit Das was born to Kamakhya Ch. Das and Khama Das of Nagaon, Assam on
25th Dec 1980. He faced many hardships during his childhood due to economic
crisis. It almost marred his dream to establish himself in the field of art, more
aptly as an artist. But he had this unwavering ability to do hard labour, amazing
self confidence and unremitting belief in God which helped him to overcome those
hurdles and finally he succeeded in collecting accolades and recognition. He had
however been persistently bestowed with people’s blessings and affection. As a
little boy, Sujit’s favourite playthings included colour, brush, needles, chalk etc.
He would sit for hours making various drawings, paintings and etching sticks.