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Vishal Bansal
Vishal Bansal's Chalk Sculptures
miraculously he made one beautiful ring and got lots of appreciation from his seniors and fellow
students and from there on it didn’t stop. He is 33 years old now and he still can’t resist carving
chalks whenever he gets time.

He feels that everybody in this world has got creativity as God's gift but very few of us realize
that on time
. He feels that he too has the gift and he always tries to make his sculptures more
accurate, artistic, beautiful, sharp and delicate. He makes very few sculptures and that’s only
when he has a strong feeling for someone or something. It just comes out of his heart, like when
his baby was born he made “Priceless Love” ( mother holding a baby with so much affection).
During recession he made “Powerless Common Man” and now (mid-2011) when Anti corruption
movements are going on, he made “Key to Success in India”. (We cut our hands by using our voting
rights... and they use our shoulder to climb the ladder of Success... these politicians..). His
sculptures are full of love and meanings. He does not make anything without meaning. He says that
for him it’s just waste of time, He makes sculptures to make his near n dear ones happy by giving
it to them as a gift and that’s why he does not have much in stock. But his friends and near and
dear ones are keeping it for years, very safely.

He paints it with fabric colors to make it more attractive and visible from distance.

We are very happy to exhibit this passionate sculptor's works in our website. He is not only an
artist at heart but also a very alert and aware citizen of India, protesting against corruption !

Contact the Sculptor directly for all enquiries at :
Address : House No. MR/54, Beside Central Bank of India,
.                Main Rd., Ramgarh Cantt. Jharkhand. India.    

Mob.: 919431394490, 919334512100

e-mail :
vishalvbansal@rediffmail.com,   vbansal77@gmail.com
Vishal Bansal's Chalk Sculptures
Vishal Bansal's Chalk Sculptures
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Love for first baby
First love
Love continues...
Rani Sati Didi
Hira Tauji
Key to success in India
(We cut our hands by using our voting rights.. and they use our
shoulder to climb the ladder of Success... these politicians..)
Powerless Common Man
Bajrang Bali
Vishal was born on 6th August 1978.     He is a B.Com graduate from
Calcutta University.  His Hobbies are Chalk sculptures, Driving, Day
Dreaming etc !

He is a businessman, currently involved in his family business, He started
making Chalk Sculptures when he was 10 years old and was studying in 5th
standard at Vikas Vidyalaya, Ranchi, Jharkhand. One day during self study
classes he started scratching a piece of chalk by his nails and
Love for first baby
Love for first baby