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Art of
Arpan Sengupta
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Art of Arpan Sengupta
Arpan Sengupta at 59 is  actually a specialist in Low-Cost Housing and cost
effective techniques in Building Construction. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Civil
Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

But Art is his passion. He excels in Water colours and Chalk Sculpture. However his
mastery over "Alpana" a unique art of Bengal used during any religious or social

Contact:-  1/17/A Jatindra Nath Goswami Lane, PO: Bally, Dist: Howrah,
PIN 711201.   Tel: 91 33 26546414.
Water Colours of Arpan Sengupta
Alpanas of Arpan Sengupta.
These are drawn generally on the floors, wooden seats(piri), and other utility house hold items such as
Kulas, Dalas etc which are also used in the religious rituals and Pujas. The ingredients used as colours are
traditionally eco-friendly with rice pastes and vegetable colours. Though use of modern paints and colours
are also quite common these days.