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Sandip Misra's
He is an expert at building models of Tableau for various ceremonies and Fairs and their layout models.

His Art has crossed the national boundaries and
the seven seas and are in private possessions in Italy, Uk, USA etc besides
the whole length and breadth of the country.

Sandip started drawing right from his childhood days. He feels at home in Landscape, Compositions as well as Figurative
works. He is of the opinion that art does not need any caption or explanation. It should be spontaneous perception and
He also uses his Art as a means of protest against social injustice.

He likes speed in Art, both in figurative art and Compositions.
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Contact the Artist directly for all enquiries and sales at :
Mobile:  91 9474415547  (preferred)
Address: c/o Sandip Misra, C/O Sati Misra, P.O: Beguntary, Dist-Jalpaiguri, West Bengal,India.
Sandip Misra's Paintings
Sandip Misra's Paintings
Painting sizes are given in CMs
Please click on the small pictures to see Enlarged Views
Sandip Misra's Paintings
Born: 25th Oct 1958

Sandip was born in Jalpaiguri. He cleared his B.V.A (Bachelor of Visual Arts) from Rabindra
Bharati University, Kolkata in 1991. He is a professional Artist.

He is the winner of the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts award for painting in 1990.

Participated in  Kala Mela, organised by Birla Academy, Kolkata in 1989 and Group shows by Art
& Soul gallery, New Delhi in 1997. Attended Art Camp organised by Sukna Institute of
Technology, Siliguri in 2005
besides various other group shows and activities.
4. Oil painting, 22cm x 25cm
7. Acrylic, 47.5cm x 43cm
8. Acrylic, 34.5cm x 38cm
9. Acrylic, 34.5cm x 38.5cm
12. Mixed media on
canvas, 40cm x 54.5cm
14. Acrylic, 30.5cm x 37cm
10. Acrylic, 32cm x 41cm
5. Oil painting, 30cm x 34cm
6. Oil painting, 50cm x 54cm
3. Oil painting, 22cm x 25cm
11. Acrylic, 38cm x 58cm
15. Acrylic on Canvas,
72cm x 89cm
16. Mixed media on
canvas, 63cm x 79cm
2. Oil painting, 18cm x 22.5cm
1. Oil painting, 32cm x 30cm
13. Acrylic, 25cm x 29.5cm