A very well known story in Sainik School Purulia, those days (Late 60s). Boys
used to run away from school to watch movies in the theatres of Purulia town.
On one such venture, while watching a movie in the darkness of the hall, one
of the students asked for a lighter from the person sitting next to him. It
turned out that he was a Teacher! And the teacher told the boy to report in
front of the Principal's office! For obvious reasons we are withholding the
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Just after
Mandela's release
from prison
After Yeltsin
came to power in
Ray with his Oscer
The then President of
India Giani Zail Singh
As an engineer on a
MV Harsha Vardhana
After India won the
World Cup under Kapil
When the Left Front Govt. in West Bengal
issued a statement saying that they had
called a Bangla Bandh to fight for the
interest of the Industrialists ! 1991 ~ 92
When CM Jyoti Basu
side-lined the RSP
minister Late Jatin
Chakrabarty over banning
Usha Utthup, the popular
singer from performing
in Rabindre Sadan. Some
time in late 80's
A satire on the
Non-Aligned Movement
before the end of the
Cold war.
Satire over the hostile
take over episode  of
Escorts by Lord Swaraj
Paul. sometime in 1991~92
Reaction to the
mud-slinging between the
Ex PM and Ex President.
Some time in 1991~92
This Artist's highly sceptic impression of the New Economic Policies in
Sculptor Milan Sengupta  had the knack of drawing cartoons right from his school days. Though some of the following cartoons were
sent to leading cartoon competitions held by a leading newspaper of New Delhi, they were neither published nor selected for display
perhaps because of the sting they carried with satire!
Drawn as a Greeting Card after visiting the
Khajuraho temples with the family. Wife
Sagarika and daughter Sagarkanya. 1997
Sculptor and Cartoonist Milan Sengupta served as an engineer on a Coal Fired Steam Ship of Australia, named SS River Embley (seen here
beached in the background) from 2008 till 2012, when the ship was de-commissioned by beaching in Bangladesh. This Cartoon was drawn on that
occasion. All arrond a heap of coal, from left are Milan with a teflon sledge hammer, 1/E Russel Rickard, 2/E Guy Kershaw, 1/E Stefan Stein,
sorry I can't recollect the tall fellow's name, he was a trainee, 4/E Siddartha, 2/E Hieu Van Tran with his fishing rod, C/E John Dyer holding a
road map, C/E Garry Smeltzer sitting by the Croc from Weipa, 3/E Paul Summers who loved cheese ! 2012.
This cartoon was drawn by the cartoonist for the cover of his own poetry book in Bengali. It shows
the political atmosphere in the province of West Bengal before and after the change of ruling
governments (Paribartan). It shows that nothing had changed except the characters ! Click on the
picture to see the cover of the book. Book published in Kolkata Book Fair 2015
The following 2 cartoons were drawn for Sainik School Purulia (Milan's school)
Reunion. OTBA (Old Teacher's & Boy's Association) of 2000.
The following 5 cartoons were drawn for Sainik School Purulia (Milan's school)
Reunion. OTBA (Old Teacher's & Boy's Association) of 1980. They are all
about good old school days!
Old boys and teachers arriving at the school gate for reunion led by Brig. Dilip Ghosh, Milan and Geography
teacher Mr. S.Sarkar ! Mr. Sarkar was famous for riding a bike without the silencer during his school days!
Shows that the old boys and teachers had no leftovers at their diner party! The guy with the stick is Biplab
Kundu who was the then secretary of OTBA.
Shows Milan being awarded a Star by the Principal Lt. Col. TC Banerjee at the morning assembly for reading the news!
Shows from Left Games teacher Mr. GB Singh, Games teacher Mr. Mitra,
English teacher Mr. SS Ghosh, Biology teacher Mr. SK Mukherjee swearing
in Bengali after being bold out, Mr TP Das who was a true disciple of
Gandhi, Principal Wg Cdr US Srivastava
Shows English teacher Mr MB Bhattacharya doing a long jump and fallaing back!
Students cheering him up. Games teacher Mr GB Singh can be seen tapping his head !
Mr. Sarkar and his bike! It used to sound like the Anglo French Concorde aircraft
known for its higher sound levels, those days!
Drawn 9th May 2015, after delivery of express bail to Actor Salman Khan aka Chulbul Pandey by
Bombay High Court on 7th and 8th of May 2015.
A cartoon on Saradha Ponzy Scam that is still rocking Bengal
Drawn 10th March 2016, after Liquor Baron Vijay Mallya left India for England as 10000 Crores
loans defaulter and Actor Salman Khan aka Chulbul Pandey changed his statement in Black-buck
poaching case of 1998 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
Drawn 21st June 2016, after PM Sri Narendra Modi declared 100% FDI (Foreign Direct
Investment) even in Defence.
Cartoon on Demonetisation, 16th Nov 2016
Cartoon on Demonetisation, 18th Nov 2016
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