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Sculpture with Fruits
and Vegetables
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Sculptor Chef
Cesar B Saurin
Mr. Casar B Saurin was born on 12th October 1958
at Puerto Princess City in The Phillipines.
He took his training in the culinary arts from Phillipine Plaza Hotel. Started his carrier at Sea in 1981 on
a Passenger Ship.
Since October'93 he is employed as Chief Cook with Shell International Trading and Shipping Company,
simply known as Shell.
His sculpture with fruits and vegetables are outright works of art, which brings out his beautiful state of
mind. The long contracts on ships and hardships have not been able to harden his liking for the finer things
in life.
The following photographs of his carvings or sculpture with fruits and vegetablea were taken on board the
LNG carrier Granatina between September and October 2005.
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LNG Granatina catering team , Oct'2005
From left: Mess man Reginald P Aravelo, Chief Cook Cesar B Saurin, Mess man Armin F Mallari,
2nd Cook Julius G Solas