Partha Sarathi Acharjya's poems
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1.  Angel
2.  Love you for ever


God's greatest creation
To ever walk his earth
He blessed this mighty world,
The Second pf your birth

Your eyes are to be lost in
As blue as the bluest sky
Deeper than the mighty oceans,
And brighter than the Sun's own light

Your heart is so kind and gentle
As wars as they come
You're  always there to listen
When I need someone.

A voice straight from heaven,
with words to melt my heart,
An emptiness  comes over me,
Whenever  we are apart

I would call you an angel,
But I know it isn't true.
For the most beautiful angel,
Cannot compare to you.


Love you for ever

Fragrance fading, clutching in the dark
Nose inhaling hard, so memories spark
Sparks start a fire, Fire races into the heart
A heart being consumed, eyes play a part.

Salty rain will fall, untill a body does drain
Weakness grips a soul, now to sleep again
Two hearts share love, in the midnight mist
Passions are rekindled, when the lovers kiss.

Oh, the sensual wind, whispering in my ear
Her loving words felt, and again a salty tear
The tear escapes, and races down my cheek
The mist shattered, when tears form a creek

My eyes are open, but in darkness alone lie
Confused and dazed, still wondering why
Her pillow in my arms, fragrance fading fast
Breathing through it, to make a memory last.

Love's painful remnant, I hold on to and weep
Her memory awakes as my mind falls to sleep
In my arms, until the mist, my tears again sever
Loving you always, until the end forever.