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My New Face     

Can you recognize this sketch – it is a new me –
These are the lines on my face, you might never see.
Hard it is to transform you, habits of this life inhibits;
Start – I must now revisit me – see what this novel depicts.
The first draft is very exact – states the fact as they happened,
Cuts and pastes come next – to have a picture of no abend.
Once, by the burning pyres of Smasan, dozed, tired,
             I forgot the world around.
No more – do not ask why’s and how’s of my fatigue
             Before I meet the ground.
Let those pains – saddest thoughts bring only the songs sweetest,
I still like to love the world, all my close, loved ones – at my best.

How would the novel read, had I woke up somewhere else –
Some others near my bed – some other bells and smells?
New dad and mum – the new home to the lost street kid,
New brothers – sisters – friends; who knows new different needs?
Check if you could find the face you know sure for ages,
Discover in this novel, what you wanted to touch always – always.

September 8, 1998

My New Millennium

It is a new me – in the new millennium!
Behind the sparkles of fireworks,
Glittered the mirror –
Cast on it – my image – bright and tall,
I am not someone else,
Nor I am somewhere else –
Not lost any more in another world.

It is the same me, whom you saw in the teens,  
only the world has grown bigger –
I can still make hearts of millions resonate,
I can still rekindle a renaissance – vibrate.

Friends, follow me – I know the way,
I’ve seen the ultimate; I’ve seen the Devil,
I’ve seen the God and so you will.
It is no foreign fantasy lying far away,
It is within us, in me, in you –
In the bread you eat, in water you drink,
We need to share ourselves for all of us,
For all of us to reach the goal.

Whatever He made for us is easy on thee,
Leave behind your worries – Follow me.

January 1, 2000.

Stop This Fall to Hell; Take us to Thee

Work, work, worship work –
What we want? Why we?

Whatever you made for us
Is easy as easy it can be,
Whatever I have amassed
On my head, hangs heavy.

Relieve me of this burden,
Get me close to thee.
My own weight betrays me –
Hell gets closer to me.

Stop this journey to perish –
My God – save me.
Let my weight spread through the masses,
Let us all reach Thee.
Together we shall ourselves see,
Win the Hell – the Heaven and Thee.

April 17, 2000

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Birthday Gift for You

If something you love,
And afford to have,
      Perhaps it’s already with you.
If it’s something beyond us,
No matter how much precious,
      We can only have its view.

So I was not looking for
      What our money could buy,
That it would be a big waste,
      Chances are very high.

Touchstone – I was going for it
      From places to places;
I have walked, searched and run around,
      But found no traces.

At long last I have found you,
      Without toiling much;
There are things, around us,
      Waiting for your touch.

No matter what I get for you,
      For how little it is sold,
Happy Birthday – My Love,
      Your touch turns it into gold.

December 15, 2006

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