Sachindranath Sen  (1886-1955) -  "a born poet" with a spontaneous flow of poetic heart and
certainly of versatile genius like faculty of mechanical and electrical engineering for which for
the first time it was made possible to witness a steamboat sailing in the lake of the Sen's
ancestral house in the village of Mulghar and illuminating electric bulbs in the rooms, and of
course one could listen to the songs of Angurbala, Sachindev Barman, Rabindranath's own
voice and plays like 'Alibaba', 'Madhusudan Dada' or the first Vande Mataram songs from a
long distance through a blown horn of an original His Master's Voice Box Gramophone
bypassing nostalgic flair of a rural middle class culture of an almost unknown personality who
had the proven track of Art by making something like Fresco on the wall of his ancestral house
and had long cherished library containing thousands of books and periodicals. But the leftover
is the testimony of his writings that too in the form of manuscripts for the children and adults in
the form of poetry and primary rhymes. His famous duel on poetry was with the Sanakrit
Pandit, Taraprasanna Tarkatirtha, popularly known as Bedabyas which was certainly a
continuous source of literary amusement to the people of town and village across the territory
of Mulghar. A popular medical practitioner, the demanding faith of the villagers from the
beginning changed is eyesight on mechanical works and drawings which  eventually had
invited inevitable blindness and later on, cerebral stroke which had cut  short his life. Rather a
tragic end of an unknown villager of versatile genius and as he was blind since my birth he
could not see me but certainly did feel in and out of his youngest son; so do I now.

Dr Nabendu Sen, Youngest son, Rtd Reader, Delhi Universerity                            
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