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30th August 2009

Milansagar, the cultural website was inaugurated by Janab Shekh Mohammed Ali on 5th June

Most of the Bengali websites now in the Internet either write Bengali in Roman script or publish
their Bengali matter in image form or use some technologies which require Computer
Administrator’s permission for installing Bengali fonts before they are visible in your browser. Thus
if the computer Administrator has disabled such font installations then these fonts will not be

We on the other hand use such technology whereby the Bengali & Hindi fonts need not be installed
in any computer. They operate from the temporary Internet files folder. So when you surf internet
from a computer in say Brisbane International Airport or any where else in the world, even if you
are unable to read Bengali in many of the leading Bengali Newspaper websites, you will be able
to read Bengali and Hindi in Milansagar.com !

We also have detailed instructions for enabling your computers for reading and writing Bengali
and Hindi in the Internet so that we make our visitors aware of the fact that practically any work
such as E-mails, Chats, blogs etc can be written in the Internet in Bengali and Hindi or other Indian

Poetry - In our short span of only 4 years we have built up a huge Poetry section. Besides a
sizeable number of poets and poetry in English and Hindi, We can boast of having perhaps the
largest collection of Bengali poetry in the Internet. Our mainstream Bengali Poetry section has
more than 2000 poems of about 200 poets and increasing! Our collection includes poems from
Bengali’s predecessor Abohatta, Early Bengali Charya Geeti, Baisnab Padabali, Mangal Kabya,
Shakta Padabali, Maimensingha Geetika, Kobigaans, Bhrahmo Sangeet, Bharat Chandra,
Bankin Chandra, Madhusudan and a host of modern and post modern poets. On the centenary of
the publication of Bengali Gitanjali, we have published the Gitanjali in English and Bengali
including all the Bengali original songs of the English Gitanjali. We also have the complete Geet
Gobido of Jaidev in our Bengali section.

During past 3 years West Bengal has witnessed very troubling political and social times. The
Singur and Nandigram Movement triggered off an avalanche of poetry under protest and anger,
aimed against the Government. We have collected over 600 such poems of around 300 poets
from various Newspapers, little magazines, posters and banners and pieces of poetry written on
paper and stuck on walls of railway platforms and elsewhere. They include the famous and not so
famous, the unknown, the anonymous and the first timer poets venting their protest. We are sure
these will find a place in the history of Bengali literature in future.      

On Line Gallery - Milansagar.com is also an Online Gallery. The Arts and Sculpture section is also
something we can boast about. We have displayed works of Indian Masters such as Phalguni
Dasgupta, Surajit Das, Santwana Goswami along with many upcoming and professional artists.
We also have a large collection of Chalk Sculpture by various sculptors including Milan Sengupta
and KL Indumathi.

Many of the Artists on our site have started receiving orders on line.
We provide this service absolutely free.

Other Sections - Besides Poetry and Art We also publish, Photography, Stories and Essays and
write ups by Reporters and Correspondents in Bengali Hindi and English.  

Our website has been Highly acclaimed by the Internet Giant Yahoo experts.
Amanda from Yahoo! Web hosting said ---
“Your website is one of the most attractive site which I have seen !”
Wilmer from Yahoo Customer Care said ---
“I’ve viewed the website ‘milansagar.com’ and I must appreciate that you have built an amazing
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.                                                             ..... 30th August 2009, Birla Sabhagar, Ballygunge, Kolkata