Dear Visitor,

We have started this page on the Bengali New Years day the 1st of Boisakh 1413 or 15th of April
2006. We invite you to send your articles or poetry  on any topic that concerns you.

We are publishing them in
these pages or in our Pages of Poets section. You may write on any
topic Economic, Social, Political, Religious or Scientific but without spreading hatred of any kind.

You may
send your writings in as an attachment to e-mail , to us or send us by post or courier at
our address at
Milan Sengupta, 20 Lake East 2nd Road, Kolkata 700075. Please attach a
photograph of yourself
a few sentences about yourself, along with your writings. Poets have a
separate page f
or their poetry.

As a reflection of the multilingual society that India is, we are posting writings in all three languages
Bangla, Hindi and English together.

With Best Wishes


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