Between Procreation and Recreation
by Pranab RayChaudhuri

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Sigmund Freud as a leader and science, in general, made us to believe that inter–course is
performed by all animals, except the very primitive types, only to serve the purpose of birth of
off-springs. This quality is instinctive and not created by the particular type of animal for their
survival and happier living, like some animals, mainly man, has created on their own over and
above the instinctive qualities.

Again we experience that if because of some reason, we have to act against or suppress or
try to control our instinctive qualities, we become sad and regret for such actions inside
ourselves, as in most such cases, we cannot express this sadness outside.

In the present day, most, if not all, of us use some family planning method to restrict the
number of our issues, in order to carry out our collective responsibility of reducing population
growth, which actually means we act against our instinct.

However, we do not restrain ourselves from the action of intercourse in order to minimize
number of issues but keep on with such action taking due precaution to ensure contraception.

From the above observation, several questions, as under, come to mind:

1)        Do we feel any regret for adopting family planning? Since, such regrets are not
         expressed outside, I do not know about others, but for me I can say I do not feel such
         regrets. You must have also adopted family planning. Do you feel any regret? If,
         intercourse is an instinctive quality for childbirth only, why we do not feel regret when we
         are acting against it?

2)        Can it be that act of intercourse is mainly for the feeling of pleasure and childbirth is just
         a bye-product, acting for or against which, does not change the matter? We have the
         same pleasure out of intercourse whether we are protected from childbirth or not.

3)        Can the same be applicable to other animals? There we notice intercourse is
          associated with childbirth.

4)        Primitive people possibly had intercourse for childbirth only. Did they have pleasure
         also simultaneously?

5)        Is it that nowadays, we have intercourse mainly for pleasure?

6)        So, can it be said that intercourse for childbirth will gradually be lower and lower and
          human race has already started walking towards the direction of extinction ?

7)        Since, we cannot by any means increase the number of children conceived by a
          woman, but can only reduce the number of production i.e. we have only negative control
          in our hand, not full control, is it wise for us to adopt such against-nature family-planning
          methods for short-term, temporary and localized gain?

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