Self-realisation from various sides
by Pranab RayChaudhuri

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From one side:

Nothing, like matter, space, time and energy, in the Universe is stationary or unchanged.
Everything is continuously moving as well as changing. Moreover, it is said that possibly the
Universe as a whole is expanding. It is also said the Universe is created from a big bang. So,
there was something even before big bang. In any case whether the above two hypothesis can
be considered as laws or not, we find everything in the Universe are interrelated with each
other. So, there must be a unified existence and all others are either part of it or have
originated from it. I am also a part of the Universe and have also originated in the Universe.
So, my existence is not a totally separate issue but a part of the total existence. There is also
definite link in between my present existence and my past existence and there will be a
definite link between my present existence and my future existence. So, my realisation about
my self is, it is not separate but a part of the whole infinity with limited individuality.  

From another side:

I have reasons to believe that out of all the feelings I have, the feeling of happiness is the most
satisfying. So, I try to make myself as happy as possible. I also understand that nothing of
myself ( except my memories in someone else’s mind ) exists once I die. So, I gather
amenities of comfort for my maximum happiness during my lifetime. I create an ego about
myself so that I can enjoy in full during my lifetime whatever I have earned. I become interested
only in my present existence and do not bother about the past and the future and have no
consideration or respect for other living beings including other human beings. I create a love
for myself and any other thing or living beings involved with myself like my house, my car, my
wife, my children, my dog etc. To amass wealth to provide for my needs of amenities of
comfort I go to any length and do not value the ethics and moralities required for a collective
living. So, here, my realisation about myself is I am the monarch of all I survey. I am in constant
competition with other living beings including all other human beings to harness nature for my
happy living and in this struggle for existence, which to me is living as comfortably (I make
myself believe in an idea that more comfort brings more happiness.) as possible and as long
as possible, I have no consideration or respect for other living beings. To me they are all
competitors over whom I must win.       

From yet another side:

I find I am a very insignificant part of the whole Universe, which is always moving and self-
changing in a most balanced way with an intentionally added unbalancing in it with continuous
procreation i.e. death of the past and birth of the future of all living and non-living matter in it. I
find I have only one necessity in this system and i.e. help keep the procreation-chain flag flying.
So, I realise myself as only a medium, between the past and future, as the present with the
sole motto of procreation and consider as my goal nurturing and developing my next
generation so that they are themselves best suited for procreation when their time comes.

From yet another side:

I find myself nothing but a cog in the wheel. I have no control over my birth such as, in which
form I shall be born, where, when, how I shall be born, what will be my social, financial and
family status, how and upto where in all respect I shall grow, how will be my mental and
physical health, how, when and where I shall die and how well I shall be able to fulfill my
responsibility of procreation. I find I have no control over any issue about my life. But it is a real
fact that I exist and continue living till die. So, it makes me realise, realisation about myself is
not within my capacity. I am born, shall continue living till I die and shall also perform the
function for which specifically I am born without any control, knowledge or self-purposeful
result. So, I do not spend time trying to realise myself but perform all actions as my duties and
results of these actions (KARMA) being neither in my control nor for me to enjoy. The
reasoning power for which I feel I can realise anything has come to me without my asking and
is totally beyond my control in every respect and I have no ways to know how much capable I
am in reasoning. Without any or all such knowledge how can I be in a position to realise  
myself ?      

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