A Story by Spundan Dasgupta

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Mysteries have always surrounded our planet. Some unusual which cannot be explained. Some
unbelievable. Some, which we try to explain but unable to, though we believe it exists.
I stand on the shores of the marina beach in Chennai city. It is Sunday morning 10 am . I stare at the open
sea, the waves crash on to the shore. The people all are enjoying the sunny day but I know that in their
minds they are still grieved about the sad day that became a lesson to all people of the world. The
experience of that amazing time we all had which turned tragic because of our own mistakes. It is this that I
am going to narrate about. Unbelievable it may seem but it can happen, if we believe in the forces of nature.
My name is Vishal. From birth, I have been in Chennai but my family comes from Mumbai. But being here
from my birth, I have become a part and parcel of this city. I know almost all the areas of this city more
than my own city. It was 2 years ago, when I was in 10th standard, the control tower of the Chennai airport
lost contact with a coming plane flying over the Bay of Bengal. This spread like wildfire and the coastguards
were alerted of this. In searching for the plane, they spotted dense fog over the plain sea, this was good
many miles away and exactly between the tamilnadu coastline and the Andaman and Nicobar islands.They
went through the fog caustiously and were dumbstruck to find a beautiful island. The plane had crashed on
the island but all survived.The pilots had no idea of the fog or the wonder behind it, the peaks of  a
mountain had gashed the bottom of the plane due to which the pilots lost control. The pilots and the
passengers were taken to the hospital,it was a miracle to have survived such a crash.
The news of the island spread all over the world, news channels of all countries came over to catch a
glimpse of the land that came out of nowhere. The coastguards and the naval forces were given orders to
surround the island and guard it from any immediate problem. The UNO wasted no time to take quick
steps for the ‘survival’ of that island. A huge meeting was held in delhi were officials from different countries
came to discuss on this matter. And I don’t need to tell you all that the main topic raised was pollution and
overpopulation. Then,an Englishman Mr.Walter thought of the idea to make it a holiday resort totally
controlled by the UNO, the proceeds of which would be utilized for the help programs conducted by it. He
chalked out a plan which was appreciated by everyone in the meeting. The plan was put into action. A huge
7-star hotel was built,named and famed shops were given offers to set up their branches through a quota
system,a grand metro-rail was built to give the tourists a ride showing the entire island from all angles.
10 months passed, and the island was open to the public. Tourists from all over the world came to catch a
glimpse of the island, the hotel had more than 1500 rooms but not enough to satisfy. Crores of people
demanded that the number of rooms in the hotel to be increased but Mr.Walter was a great man, he
rejected the idea, such was his love for nature. He was made the manager of that island along with 7 others
under him which included an Indian too. The island was kept strictly as a sight-seeing destination and those
who wanted to stay there had to depend on their luck.

The island was a hit tourist spot, my board exams got over and I was planning how to enjoy my time when
I was in for a surprise. My cousins had come down to Chennai, my elder cousin, Ravi, had just completed
his B.Com degree and his brother, arjun, who was in the same class as mine and had also given his board
exams, They came with their family.Ravi had plans to take arjun and me to that island. oh! sorry,just forgot,
the island was named ‘Dreamland’, nice name, isn't it!. He asked his family members to come for that,
instead they gave us the permission to go and enjoy the summer holidays there, they believed in him to be a
responsible boy, and sure,ofcourse, he had the characteristics of a good leader, 6 feet 2 inches in height,
good physique, good muscles-almost 17 inches thanks to his rigorous training in the gym. He had an air of
strictness but he had one speciality,he never interfered enjoyment with seriousness and that time he was in a
mood for party blasting. His brother arjun was plumpy, his concentration power was not good but when it
came to eating, he was totally concentrated on it and didn’t allow anybody to disturb him. As for me, I was
a thin and skinny lad with one good thing about me, I was 5feet 9 inches as compared with my age but I
always talk to myself. I am very imaginative and that’s my problem. I still tingle with mortification when
during my class hours in my 9th grade, I suddenly gave a big chuckle, the entire class including the teacher
heard it. My classmates still tease about that.
Anyways, permission being granted, we three,ravi,arjun & me packed up all that were needed for the
holiday. Designer dresses, camera, video camera, walkmen, my guitar and Rs.25,000 for the stay. As I said
before that we had to depend upon luck to get a room in that luxury hotel, ravi had recently bought a camp
set-tents, chairs, etc. The day arrived and we rushed to the Chennai harbor, guessed the amount of
excitement? 3 special ships was arranged to take atleast 6000 people per voyage, it was a 2-day journey to
the island, half an hour before scheduled time, we reached and got into our cabins. On the dot,the ship left
the harbor, this was actually our first trip on a ship.We couldn’t stand on the bow of the ship, the sea
unusually rough and the waves were splashing over the deck, enough to flung us into the sea but it grew
calmer the 2nd day. As the sun was slowly setting, ravi spotted something glittering. Some of the passengers
were also looking at that. The captain announced-standing behind all of us-our destination, Dreamland. The
glittering it seems was because of a huge waterfull, I could make out the fog but how was it that the glittering
passed through the fog? I asked the captain, even he said it was a mystery and scientists are trying to find
out but were not able to, it couldn’t have been the waterfall, nobody would believe light passing through
such a thick fog. Ravi also was staring at it, trying to gain some inference; he was frowning for sometime but
then gave up. Arjun as usual was disinterested, he was looking at some beautiful foreign women, and smiling.

It was 7 am when I got up and I found them sitting and looking at me, well dressed and the suitcases well
packed, both were wearing black shades and sitting in such a way as if they were secret agents and I, a
convict. Well, I had done a mistake; the alarm was kept at 5 am, I got up late, now there was only 20
minutes left to reach the island. “Wake up, late riser; we can’t miss the grand show because of you. We
have already reached” said Ravi. I saw through the window of our cabin and could see the fog. I ran to the
bathroom snatching my dress, filled a bucket up to the rim, and with all my might lifted the bucket, first I fell,
then the water, and next the bucket. There was so much noise that my brothers started banging the door
asking whether I was alright. I got up cracking some bones and answered in the positive.

We came out of our rooms among all other excited people on to the deck and were amazed at the sight,
the thick fog lay before us, the height-un measurable, some of it already touching the bow of the shop.
Suddenly, I thought for a moment how was it that in the middle of the sea was it possible for the fog to be
so thick and that height, how was it that the air was so cold, so really cold to create such a fog? I asked
Ravi, he was thinking, even he did not have any idea. He started operating his movie camera. Within few
minutes, around us was dense fog, nothing was visible, we were engulfed in the white fog. I don’t know
how long it took to come out of the fog but it did take a long time, the ship was guiding itself with the help of
radars. A few moments later, the fog cleared and before us lay, lo and behold, a grandsight. Even today as
I write, tears well up remembering it, two huge mountains, almost 3000 feet in height with lots of greenery
and jagged peaks, formed the towers, the landmarks through which we had to pass, the mountains though
looked parallel to each other were actually one behind the other, so the ship had to sail through a waterway
shaped by this mountains like a giant boomerang, I was told later that that the pass was called the
Boomerang Pass. As the ship crossed the mountains and the passway, showing the great number of trees
and lots of birds, the island was in view, oh! The third and the forth, said to be the tallest of all, about
4000ft became visible soon. Arjun suddenly turned romantic.

“Want a chocolate, Arjun?” I asked.
“Shut up, don’t disturb” he replied back.
I happily did. Ravi kept his camera functioning, he moved back and told us to pose, we waved at the
camera. The ship was now moving parallel to the island, at first sight, it was a jungle with lots of birds
chirping and playing a orchestra of various sounds, I spotted a sanctuary somewhere but lost sight of it
among more tall trees, 5 buildings could be seen at a distance, but where was the waterfall.
“Can you spot the waterfall, Arjun? If it is that huge, why can’t I see it?”
I saw Arjun, he was staring at me in such a way as if I asked a really silly doubt.
“Why Vishal? I think you need spectacles? What in your opinion is that?” asked Arjun pointing at the
buildings. My eyes were playing tricks with me, what I saw behind the buildings as a big white wall was
actually the waterfall itself, the water gushing and smoke and white foam combined together formed the
impression of a huge white wall.

The ship at last halted, and we were grandly welcomed by the sweet and unpolluted air and the staffs
employed by the UNO. The tourist fever had just begun so the risk of not getting a room was at a high but
we were surprised to know that Ravi had already booked the rooms. “You didn’t tell us that you had
booked rooms?” I asked. He replied, “Well, you didn’t ask.” Good answer.

The room we got was really grand. A huge, comfortable and spongy bed, sofas-a big and 2 small, T.V,
music system, one look at the bathroom made us feel we will spend the entire holiday in the bathroom itself.
We unpacked, and after a quick wash and change of dress, we jumped on the bed together, 2 weeks on
this island, we will have a lot to see, for today, lets be inside and enjoy luxury. Arjun switched on the music
system playing hindi songs. Ravi opened the dreamland guide book taken from the reception. As he
browsed through the book,”Tell me, guys, what’s our first stop?”. “Dreamland waterfall” Arjun and I
shouted together. “You guys read my mind. Very well, we will go tomorrow, right now, lets relax, I’ll order
for breakfast. The entire island can listen to the roar of the waterfall, either faintly in some parts or clearly, in
other parts, we being inside couldn’t hear it.

The island was 4500 sq. km and was almost a perfect circle, the city covered just 1200 sq. km and roads
were built, these roads spanned even the mountains. I could see bridges, 4 of them joining each mountain,
and at a height of 700 ft, my head was whirling when I actually saw it, right now I was reading the guide
book. Next day I was to witness nature’s most amazing creation, according to me.

Arjun and I woke up with a start next morning, the alarm clock was ringing, it was 6 am. “What kind of
joke is this? Just when I was putting the chicken burger to my mouth?” said Arjun. Where was Ravi? It
must be him. Such a comfortable bed, who would like to wake up early except Ravi for his exercise, he
was missing, must have been in the bathroom. Suddenly the main door opened,” Good morning” it was

“Good morning, eh!” we glared at him. He understood. “sorry, but I have a reason to wake you both up.
Come with me, I will show you something.” Ravi took us down to a row of glass windows, being glazed,
we couldn’t see any thing, but the moment Ravi opened the windows, we closed our eyes, it was shining so
brightly that we had to, but what was shining so brightly? When we got used to it, we were amazed, the
island was sparkling under the rays of the sun, atfirst as the sun was just rising, only the mountains, the sea
and the front portion of the island was shining but afterwards the entire island was sparkling as if millions of
diamond was spread all over, this sparkling was due to the dewdrops on the tree, would you believe it?

We were ready by 9 am. We couldn’t wait to see the waterfall, we had to go by bus along with many
other tourists to go up the mountains to see it clearly as there was no other shortcuts, the journey begun, the
road traversed through the jungles and then continued behind the mountains so that we could see the vast
open sea, from the grand height of 700ft. The bus stopped at a small house, we had reached. There were
security guards, highly equipped guards or squads; we were thoroughly checked through the metal
detectors. We were given life saving jackets after which we walked towards a huge station where a metro
train stood, this would take us to the fall. In about 15 minutes we reached another station. We got down
and towards a door where we were given a earphone like thing, I forgot the name of it, what was it? Any
ways, I couldn’t understand why they gave that. We walked through a narrow rocky passage, slowly we
could hear the roar, it increased, it increased and then it was deafening, I realized why we were given the
earphones, we wore it. We came to the open, and walked over a bridge, what we saw next was just
amazing, a grand spectacle, we were standing on a huge porch among 100 people, front of us was the
waterfall. Gigantic it was, the water plunged to height of 500 ft, the bridge was built through a natural crack
on the cliffs. Now where was the water coming from? Below the mountains are caves where sea water
entered with great force and it traveled through inside and reached this very spot to form a waterfall, so the
water was indeed salty. Imagine, the 4000ft mountain was a container in itself, sea water flowed through it.
After some photographs and umpteen number of times telling ‘wow’, we had a journey over the bridge
constructed and saw the island from different angles from that breathtaking height. We came back to the
hotel and found  few people talking with a foreigner, this was Mr. Walter. Ravi greeted him. We were in for
a surprise, he could speak hindi and many other languages, he took us to his cabin where we chatted for a
long time with tea and snacks, we found out that he was born in Delhi and most of his childhood was spent
in India only. In the evening, we went for some shopping and after a good dinner, retired for the night.

The next morning, when I woke up I found Ravi standing at the window, hands in the air, sunlight falling
into the room but still I felt something that I never felt before. The silence in the room was eerie. As I
walked towards Ravi I could feel a strong vibration passing through as if electricity being passed through
me. I could feel myself being pulled towards Ravi and then, suddenly, everything stopped. My heart missed
a beat, what happened? Ravi put down his hands and suddenly gave a jerk and looked at me. What he said
is what I still remember as a haunting sentence which is a universal truth for nature,”Vishal, this island is
alive, it talked with me. I don’t know how but this island…”his voice died down. Meditation makes you feel
you are a part of nature. Ravi took to meditation when he started his exercises; today in a beautiful island
like a dreamland his meditation went extreme. He felt the nature in his body. I cannot explain it in words but
what did happen next is what the real thing is, Ravi knew what was to happen.

We were walking through the lush green forest with many others. Mr. Walter was leading us, in this
trekking programme. We were enjoying the time with each other, Mr. Walter was a very jovial man and
was joking all the way in the journey. Suddenly we could hear numerous tapping sounds, it sounded like
someone cutting trees…CUTTING TREES! We quickly ran to the source of the sounds, our suspicions
were right. Some 6 people with axes were cutting the trees. We could also see motor axes in place. “Stop”
Mr. Walter with his deep voice spoke out. “under whose permission are you cutting the trees?”. As if it was
an answer, a tall but stout man came forward, he was fair complexioned, had white hair and was wearing
everything white excluding a red tie. “We have been given every right, if you want I can show you the
license for it.” He said.

License! What license? Who gave them? I could see that both Ravi and Mr. Walter were surprised. The
man snapped his finger and a hugely muscled man came forward with a suitcase. The former opened the
briefcase and took out a blue file and handed it over to Mr. Walter. He saw through the documents, stood
thinking for sometime, then looked at the man in white and then gave it back. He was silent the whole day
which was broken at night by Ravi.

“How can they give rights to them? This island is under the protection of the UNO, they can’t simply give
permission like that?”
“they are true documents, the UNO seal is there and they have a letter signed by that person. His name is
Mr. Goel. He will abide by the rules and plant new trees in the place of old ones. But what I found from the
police just now was that the man doesn’t have a good track record with the law. Many times there have
been complaints about him doing smuggling activities, his house was raided, his factory was raided but the
police were not able to find a single clue to prove the complaints. And that is why; the UNO and I would
see to it that he does fulfill his promise because promises for such kind of people are meant to be broken.”
said Mr. Walter has he looked at the night sky with millions of stars twinkling.

Next morning, Ravi was doing his meditation, he was still and not one of his limbs was shaking even an
inch. His meditation was truly going haywire, hope it doesn’t make him go mad. Then, slowly his eyes
opened. “Its coming, Vishal. It’s going to happen and no one can stop it. Get ready as what you are going
to see is what no man has ever believed or imagined before.” These words gave me the creeps, my hair all
over my body stood up. I looked out of the window, I could see black clouds slowly moving above the
land. The shadows of the clouds looked as though the shadow of danger and darkness was covering the
entire earth. With a loud clap of thunder it started raining. It rained the whole day and then stopped in the
evening. We couldn’t go out the whole day so now we rushed out. Ravi was in a good mood but still kept
thinking about something and looking around. We were now walking through a market which looked more
like a carnival, a little further was an amusement park. After some rides, we went and sat in a restaurant
under a cliff. Over the cliff was a super market that was the same length as the cliff itself. The cliff protruded
towards the sea. I could make out tourists boats in the sea, about 8 of them. The waiter had just come to
take our orders but at that very moment, a loud clap of thunder jolted us, the waiters book fell off his hand.
I had to agree it was deafening. As if that was not enough, the sky which was already overcast now was
totally grey and there was a show of lightning. It started raining. We didn’t bring our umbrellas so we stayed
inside the hotel but this was not a normal rain. I could sense the wind speed increasing till it was enough to
push us back. I looked at Ravi. “It has begun, this is the starting, and no one can stop it.” That very
moment, I heard a huge crashing noise, the market above, a huge wave had broken the glasses of the
market. The waves were growing in height. And then a huge one came close to the hotel throwing chairs
and tables, the people who were not able to flee in time were thrown back. We came out of the hotel and
ran towards our hotel but of no use. The rains and the lightning had totally clouded our way that we couldn’t
see anything. The thunders were deafening, the raindrops sharp and worse than that, it won’t stop.

Suddenly, among the roars of the raindrop, there was uproar. We could make out a group of people
standing on a high slope and looking at the sea. Ravi ran towards them and tried to see, we followed suit
but reached safely. Atfirst I didn’t make out but a lightning showed it, a tourist boat was caught in the waves
and in any moment it was to be shattered to pieces.
Ravi ran again leaving us, Arjun and I followed him again almost tripping. We ran towards the hotel and
towards the receptionist where Ravi asked for a telephone directory. For what? He flipped through the
pages, ”What’s the number for the coastguards?” impatiently, he flipped through the pages till he got it and
made a call. We ran back again to the cliff, the boat was still fighting for survival and now we made out 2 of
them. The waves were rising higher and higher, and then in front of us a huge wave crashed on one boat far
away from the first. 10 seconds and the boat vanished. We couldn’t believe our eyes, why hadn’t the
coastguards come yet? Then the sound of the helicopters were heard. They arrived, two helicopters. One
went towards the boat while the other went to search for others trapped in the sea. I saw a man coming
down with the help of a cable. After some time, the same man came up with 2 people from the boat. Arjun
this time had brought our umbrellas from our room and we were standing under it. Just when everything was
going fine and two more people picked up, a lightning amazingly struck the blades of the helicopter and
shattered it. The helicopter spun itself downwards and splashed into the sea. We couldn’t believe what we
saw as the along with the boat the helicopter was also being tossed. The other helicopter came back seeing
what happened. The helicopter started picking up the passengers. Visibility was coming down so I couldn’t
make out how many people were there but there were lot of people. He helicopter came back and
dropped the survivors on the island and went back. But there was no use, a huge wave crashed on to the
helicopter and the boat. Within minutes everything was over, the passengers had drowned. There was loud
screaming and wailing.

I couldn’t recover from the shock even when the day broke. It was 6:30 and Ravi was on the sofa thinking,
I knew what. Arjun was still asleep, just as I was about to get down the bed Arjun screamed and woke up
and I fell of the bed. I expected Ravi to get disturbed by the scream but he just looked up and said,”yeah, I
know you had a bad dream, even me and Vishal didn’t sleep at night. But if you think the storm was really
disastrous, there is more to come, wait patiently. Now, get ready, we will go out.” Saying he ordered for
breakfast. Ravi had totally changed, he was turning philosopher but then I really had to wait.
3 days had passed after the storm, about 30 people died. We were sitting in the beach enjoying the breeze
but still under the shock. Ravi was drawing something on the sand; arjun as usual brought a chips packet
and was eating, no sorry, gorging. Selfish, didn’t offer me but I did put my hands inside it. At that moment,
Ravi suddenly got up and walked towards a man, I followed him. It was Mr. Goel.
“Hello sir, how’s business?” Ravi asked. “just call me Goel, please to meet you again. As for business, I
had always had luck in my trade. Tell me about us.”
“Not started anything yet. Just completed my B.Com. lets see what to do when I go back. I have big plans.”
“You look quite smart, why not become a hero! I am not joking.” Said Goel.
“Not a bad idea! I was thinking of that.” Answered Ravi.
There was a pause as we looked at the waves. “I see you really love nature, don’t you?” Goel asked.
“Why, you don’t love?” Ravi asked. “Mr. Goel looked at Ravi, Ravi stared back. “Ravi, I am a
businessman, and all I want is profits. Success at any cost.” He became more grim. “I don’t believe in all
this love for country or nature or all these craps. In today’s world, you have to think only about yourself or
else you won’t survive. I see only my motives, my own dreams,” he started to walk away, I couldn’t believe
my ears. “Listen one moment, Mr. Goel, as someone who is really concerned about others, change yourself
or you might pay for whatever you said.” Said Ravi.
Mr. Goel stood for sometime and then turning glared at him. “Don’t scare me with that nonsense, Ravi. And
better mind your own business. I am a dangerous man and I mean it. You stand against me and you die. So
better stay away from me if you value your life.” Saying he walked away. I stood stunned. Ravi came back
and gave a big laugh. “Vishal, you know who he is?”
“No, I don’t.” I answered.
“He is the most wanted gangster. Many times police have tried to catch him. Many times arrested but
amazingly, he got away as they couldn’t find any proofs against him. I think where we were not able to
punish him; God will himself decide his punishment. He is here to promote a so called new business. Let’s
meet Mr. Walter, he must know.”
We walked to the office. He was talking with a person in his room. From the conversation I heard that the
other person was Mr. Prakash, another member of the group that took care of the island.

“They are real document, sir. I studied them, I cannot go any further in this matter. He is a big businessman,
and we don’t really know whether he is involved in any smuggling or other illegal activities. But the police
did not find anything. He has been under suspicion. So many times and even disturbed. He has even tried to
suspend many officers but somehow it was not done, but that shows his influence. He is left alone for now.
“Whatever it is, I will do anything to stop him. He has made promises which I know but how long will he
keep it? This island is under great protection and anyone even thinking of going against the security systems
to bring destruction to this island shall pay for it heavily, strict action will be taken. You may leave the file
here and go.” Said Mr. Walter. Mr. Prakash was about to leave when Mr. Walter spoke again. “Prakash, I
am beginning to suspect you in these matters. It wont be long if I find out that you are not with us but you
work for Mr. Goel. The day I find that out…take cover, for before any one else I would kill you. I swear
by god. You may go now.”
Prakash stared at him for some time and then wriggled out of the office in a very pensive mood.” Come in,
Ravi, I just found out…”
“I already know, sir. He is a ganster and he has proved it himself.” Ravi said.
“What! What do you mean?” Mr. Walter asked. “He has threatened me to stay away from him or else he
will kill me…”.
“That rascal! I wish I could I could…but what can I do? Even I am bounded.”
“Don’t worry, sir. Truth is never hidden and he will see reasons…” Ravi paused and looked outside. “Well,
well. Hope this one makes him see.”
I looked outside, my jaws dropped. Mr. Walter walked towards Ravi and said “Not again”
Outside, the sky was again turning grey but what was so more amazing was that in one place the clouds
were whirling like a whirlpool and slowly it was coming downwards into a cone. Before we could realize
what it was, a huge explosion occurred, the electric poles and wires were flying round and round, it was a
twister. People were running helter and skelter, their screams could be heard. Then it looked as though the
twister was coming towards us… yes, it was coming towards us.
“Wait, just wait.” Said Ravi.
We could feel the force as the twister was slowly coming towards the building. One signal from Ravi and
we were about to run, when the twister vanished into the clouds.
“Gosh, I saw twisters on tv but never expected to see in real life.” Said Arjun. “Its funny to have a twister in
this part of the world.” Said Mr. Walter.
“Believe in the force of nature, sir. I knew this was to happen. Lets go down. Damage has been done.”
Said Ravi. We ran out the building towards the town, people survived but some of the shops were
destroyed, the twister had not entered the town fully. When there was a feeling that it was over, suddenly
with a clap of thunder, a twister started forming 3km left. Then another 6 ½ to the right, another was
forming. Slowly we felt the pull; the wind speed began to increase. Then from no where, two cars crashed
onto each other in air and fell in front of us. Another flew over us and crashed over 3 people. We were
shocked and immediately rushed to move the car. Other things were also falling from the sky. Then, a petrol
tanker was flying towards us. We looked at it stunned as if waiting for death to strike us but it crashed onto
the ground, rebounded and fell a few feet behind us. The car we were trying to push was not even budging
and the people under it were yelling in pain. Then, at last with all our might we moved the car, and pulled
the people aside. I turned around to see Ravi staring at something… actually someone. I went towards him
and saw a man running towards us, he tripped and fell. It was Mr. Goel, shivering in his position. By the
side a twister was coming slowly towards us but we weren’t feeling the force of it yet.
“Well, Mr. Goel, I may not have the power to stop or come in your path but nature has its own power, it
decides our destiny. Your destiny says that you are going to die in a grave fashion. If not my hands, then
nature’s hands.” Ravi said.
Mr. Goel stared at him, his face was mixed with the expression of anger and fear. Slowly we felt the pull,
the twister was coming closer and closer but Ravi was still standing. Within seconds the twister vanished.
Suddenly, a huge explosion rocked the land, the petrol tanker, we were thrown forward.
Mr. Goel fled from the scene and my, how he ran. I never expected that. I looked at Ravi, he enjoyed that

The weather was fine next day. We were inside the room. We were looking out of the window looking at
all the wreckage caused by the tornadoes. People especially the staff and the defense forces were clearing
the place. Shops were broken, cars overturned, the scene was like a battlefield. “What else, Ravi? This
cant go on. The island will be destroyed if anything like happens again. And there our parents are telling us
to come back.” I said. Our parents were noe totally worried and wont listen to us anymore. We had to go
back and many people were. We could see the ships and all the people taking their suitcases and boarding
the ships. Then Ravi asked me,” Tell me all the 5 elements, sohail.”

I stared at him, why did he ask? “ Earth, water, fire, sky and air. Why asking?”
“Well, You got your answer. You asked me how much more to go. Water over, sky over, now 3 to go.”
Arjun and I looked at each other shocked. “Don’t joke, Ravi. This is too much.” I said.
“Well, do you want to go home?” he asked. We answered in the positive. He replied,”Ok, then I will book
your tickets and send you, I have confidence in you both that you can take care of yourself. Tomorrow, you
can leave. Is it ok.”
We looked at him. “you are not going to stay here, are you? I mean…”. “I have to. I cannot leave this
land right now. Yes, Vishal, this island is going to be destroyed or so I think but I have to stay till the end.
This island is going to teach us all a lesson.”
Arjun spoke up,”Not all, all are leaving. Everyone are leaving. No man can stay here now. And we cant
be foolish enough…”
“No one can go right now. No one can. See for yourself.” Replied Ravi.
The window was open and we could suddenly feel a strong force of wind. The speed was increasing slowly
and suddenly, we were pushed back. The speed kept increasing and then, it was out of control. The chairs
and tables were pushed behind, pots, vases and other things were falling and crashing. We were also
pushed behind. Ravi with all his might walked towards the window and closed it using all the energy that he
had. “We can’t open it now. It is a cyclone.” Said Ravi.

Suddenly, something broke the glass panes of the window. Being strong it didn’t break fully but it was
enough to jolt us. We rushed out of the room and went towards the reception only to find a huge crowd. All
those who were outside had rushed inside the hotel. I could get glimpse of people outside, some flying,
some clinging on to whatever they can find. I saw a man clinging on to a pole, his legs were in the air.
Suddenly he flew, I stood shocked at the power of the wind that caused that harrowing stunt. It was in the
evening, when the cyclone stopped but the wind was still blowing at an optimum rate and an unusual
coldness set in. people took the opportunity to run quickly towards the harbour. “Arjun, Vishal, come with
me.” Ravi said. We ran out and felt that bitter chillness, but the horrifying sight in front us made us forget
that. Today morning, a ship had arrived with some construction materials and also for helping injured
people. We could see another ship which was the passenger ship. The ships were totally tilted on to the
island. The cyclone was so powerful to cause tidal waves enough to tilt 2 ships and wreck them.
Unbelievable but what was to come next is more than we could imagine.

Then suddenly the wind speed was going up again. “Lets go. This cyclone will continue for a few days”,
we ran back to the hotel. Ravi ran to the reception that we couldn’t come immediately as there was no way
any one could start for Chennai as there were no ships. In this kind of weather we cannot come out of the
hotel, leave alone board a ship.
I was now feeling afraid. Arjun had stopped talking about food and began crying, we had to console him.
One week passed. The cyclone subsided but it was cold, real cold. Ravi kept to his words that he won’t
go. “If you are not going, then we are also not going.” I said. Arjun also supported me (surprisingly).

“Are you mad, you people? You don’t know the dangers, try to understand.”
“What to understand? We will go back and tell our parents that we left you alone over here that we left you
alone over here. What would they think about us. Already they are worrying and you going to add more
tension. If you want us to go then we will go back with you and that’s final.” I said.

Ravi looked annoyed at first, then walked towards me and said,” I am not that elder to you people, am I?
Why, you seem elder to me now. Still, are you sure? You don’t Vishal but what is coming next is more
dangerous. I could already see and hear the pains of people dying, the island’s destruction.” Said Ravi.
After a long time I saw the emotional side of my cousin. I said,” Ravi, you only said once that fate cannot be
changed, what will happen will happen. We cannot change it. I am not leaving you even if I see death
written in our hands.”
“ me too, I always craved for adventures and there is no better adventure than this and I don’t want to lose
this chance. I am with you.” Said Arjun.
“ Me too.” A voice came from behind. It was Mr. Walter. “ Brave indeed you people are to face the
consequence if somewhere we are wrong. Ravi, you are god’s own man and I know how much he loves
you. If destruction is inevitable, let it be. Let the evil start to realize its mistake and shiver at this thought that
good always wins over evil, truth always wins over lies. I am with you.”

News came that new ships have already left and will reach within one day. Tourists had already started
packing and waiting for the ships impatiently. On the other hand the island officials were cleaning up the
debris. At night fall we were ambling across the rubbles, the weather was still cold. We saw Mr. Walter
standing near the ship that was tilted. We went towards him. “Now is there anyone to stand against nature?
Shameless fellow that guy would be.” He said.

Ravi was walking towards the rubbles on the other side. Suddenly I heard voices of people shouting, I
then realized Ravi was missing and I could see some men fighting amongst each other. I ran forwards to see
Ravi giving a live demonstration of his martial skills and giving great bashings to the guys. They were burly
men and I had no idea why they attacked Ravi. Suddenly, a man from behind hit on Ravi’s head with a
wooden stick. I stood shocked as Ravi staggered for sometime and the men taking the opportunity started
kicking up left and right. I ran towards them and pulled them and tried to hit too but what was a butterfly to
a pack of buffaloes. I received a solid punch and was thrown back. As I staggered to my feet, I heard what
sounded like a heavy boulder falling on some ones head. The same man who punched me was flying and
crashed to the ground. It was Mr. Walters turn to bash them. I remember when I met him, I could make out
his burly physique which now I was certain they were nothing but muscles of iron. The men were receiving
punches equal to a bulldozer crashing into the buildings and wrecking them. Heavily beaten, the men fled.

Ravi was rushed to the hospital. Blood was all over his face. But Ravi was normal condition and nothing
but a stitch on the head was done. But he was still weak and had to rest for few days. Ravi was brought
back to the hotel. We surprised to find him next day in tears. “Ravi, what happened?” Mr. Walter asked.
Ravi sighed and then said what is still edged in mind and I only just wished that he was wrong,” its all going
to be over, this island will be destroyed, it will just remain a dream land. Today as soon as possible we have
leave.” We had to believe him. There was no other way out. “pack up your bags and come to the harbour
in another two hours. The ships are to reach exactly after two hours. We can die with the island but who
will live to tell the world the story of this island, a part of heaven brought down to earth only to make us
repent all our life that we couldn’t save, we couldn’t do anything.” Saying Mr. Walter walked out of the
room. We packed our bags and walked to the harbour. We all looked back for one moment to see the
trees, the mountain, the huge waterfall, all that were pictures now in my mind, only images stored to tell
everybody about it.

The ships reached the harbour and everyone started boardind. We were expecting to be some chaos and
yes, people were not boarding, they were jumping on the ship I must say. But somehow we got on board
and made it to our room. It was 6 in the morning and the morning greeted us with a sound that meant that
the land was now going back to its abode. We came on the deck to see a mountain had exploded and a
volcano had erupted. But this was no ordinary volcano. The explosions occurring threw up fireballs which
were bombarding the island now. The people started screaming and shouting and were boarding the ship
with even more chaos. Another mountain erupted and this time it was an earthquake. The grounds were
cracking up and from those cracked edges, volcanic explosions were occurring. it was out of control now.
The last passengers had boarded but not when people in their tension were losing their bags and many of
the people even fell of the ships. It was a horrifying sight as the ships started and picked up speed to escape
from the volcanic bombardments. Now all the mountains were erupting lavas flowing down the side and
emitting so much of smoke that we ran inside. It was choking us. Then the explosions increased and the
noise was unbearable. We were going through the boomerang pass. The huge volcanic rocks were now
falling on the sea. Being inside we could see was through the windows only. The ship suddenly started
rocking. The ship was now being bombarded. Through the window I saw 13 people fly and fall on the sea.
I closed my eyes and walked out of the window. The ships now came out of the boomerang pass. The land
which we called heaven was now like hell with fire and smoke and lava being spurted out.

As we got into the open sea, the sound stopped. The eerie silence that spread around us made us feel as if
nothing occurred. We came out on the dock and saw what was so amazing and something which I will
never forget. The smoke stopped, the explosions stopped, there was no fire, no lava, and yes, the island
had disappeared as if it was really a dream. I don’t even know whether island had sunk or went upwards
into the abode. Mr. Walter joined us and we all stared not at the place where the island was but at the
silence. Suddenly we heard a loud yell, we turned back. It was Mr. Goel who had caught hold of Arjun and
put a gun on his head.

“People like you have no shame. Even after repeated wrong doings you people just continue to go on with
it without any shame.” Said Mr. Walter.
“Stop those craps. I have no interest in hearing those. What is material is that you have all have crossed my
paths and you are all going to pay for it.” Saying Goel fired a shot in the air. What I saw next was something
I can only imagine in movies. Both Mr. Walter and Ravi moved forward even after repeatedly Goel was
telling them to stay back. Goel also was moving back and stood against the railings of the ship. Then Goel
fired a shot which hit Mr. Walters shoulder. Ravi in a split of a second kicked the gun out of Goel’s hand.
Mr. Walter groaned in pained but stood firm as Arjun and I made him sit on a chair on the deck. We
watched in horror as a duel began between Goel and Ravi. What was scary was not the punches each gave
upon another but they were so close to the railings that one wrong step, and they would fall off. Then Goel
gave one big punch which pushed Ravi to the railing. Goel was about to give another when Ravi quickly
moved away. And what I feared happened. Goel gave the most horrifying yell that still rings in my ears as
he fell off in to the sea, which was the end of him.
The ship reached the Chennai harbour. Families, reporters, friends and others of the tourists were all
waiting. As we got down, we saw our family and rushed towards. It was so great to come back and tears
were seen on all our eyes.

2 years passed. Our lives changed completely after the incident. Arjun and I were doing our graduation
now. Ravi got a good job for a temporary term after which he told he wanted to his PG. Mr. Walter went
backed to his homeland and still works with the UNO. Whenever he came down to India, he would always
contact us.

To conclude believe in the force of nature. Never even imagine playing with it. Remember its us who is
going to be affected for any problems we create for the nature.

                                                      ****** THE END ****


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