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Christopher Brown
Aurora Australis
Christopher Brown's Antarctica
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2.Aurora Australis
3.Aurora Australis
4.Aurora Australis
5.Aurora Australis
6.Aurora Australis
7.Aurora Australis
8.Aurora Australis
9.Aurora Australis
10.Aurora Australis
1.Aurora over Mawson
11.Aurora Australis
Christopher Brown's Antarctica
Christopher Brown or simply Chris, is presently undergoing training to serve as a Marine
Engineer in Australia. He was a member of the Australian Expedition team in 2007 that went
to Antarctica to take care and maintain the Mawson Station as an Electrician.

He could have gone to Antarctica as a photographer! His photographs says so! We in
Milansagar were honoured when he agreed to put up some of his photos here. We asked
for his biodata. What he gave us turned out to be such a lucid reading, that we decided to
put it up below unedited.

Contact Chris:
chris.brown283@gmail.com                     Click here to Post a Comment.
Read Chris's colourful life and work in his own words below :---