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About us
        We very humbly state that since our beginning in 1973, we have staged over 5000
shows captivating over 2 million people who thronged our jam-packed concerts, where
ever we went and when ever we performed. Many of our concerts were graced by over
50,000 people at a time.
        We have performed where even the most courageous did not dare to set foot. Yes,
we have performed in trouble torn  Assam and North East India, Trouble torn and
Terrorist infested areas of Nepal.
        We have sung in more than 7 languages. We have sung for saving the
Environment. We have sung for flood victims in North Bengal. We have sung for Land
slide victims in Sikkim. We have sung for the Army. We have sung for giving relief to
poor patients. We were overwhelmed by the love and warmth shown by people where
ever we went.
        We firmly believe that Muzik is truly the universal language of Brotherhood and
World Peace.