Kamala Rai

She is one of the female voices of the team and is a versatile singer. She
loves to sing Hindi pop or Melody Queen Asha Bhonsle's songs. She has a
fantastic melodious voice.
She can sing Filmi, Bhajan, Folk and Pop in Bengali, Hindi, Nepali,
Assamese and Boro.
Her Guru is Sagata Dey Laskar of All India Radio, Siliguri.
In Sept 2000 she lost her voice in an accident. After a very long and painful
treatment she regained her voice in 2004 by sheer determination, support
from her family and friends in
The Rhythm and prayers from her fans. The
story of her come back is a painful struggle enough thrilling for being made
in to a movie!
She is a very creative person and writes, composes music and sings them
herself for her albums in Nepali Language. Her first such album was
Suragini. She is due to complete her second venture.
She has been with
The Rhythm for the last 18 years.