Sailor's Fantasy !
The Sculptor
incidentally happens to be a

The long sailings and the
harsh sea conditions makes
a Sailor long for his loved
ones! He sees a woman in
almost any thing! Even
fishes appear to him as
beautiful women!

The nearest to a woman in
the middle of the high seas
is automatically
the half-woman-half-fish,

In olden days Dugongs
were thought to be real
Mermaids by the Sailors !
These are sculpted on Ordinary
Blackboard Chalks.

The photographs  show highly
magnified images of Chalk Sculpture
which are only about 1~3 inches long !

You are viewing all original works of Art ! None
of them are Copies.

Many of the Sculpture shown here are in
private collections.

The Artist and Sculptor has decided not to sell
any more of his Chalk Sculpture and wishes to
set up a permanent Gallery of his works at
Kolkata ... some day !

Since Chalk is very brittle, the Chalk Sculpture
have been hardened for preservation and long
life. There are Chalk Sculpture over 35 - 40
years old and in very good condition.

It takes about seven to eight hours to finish
one figure or portrait on a single piece of
Ordinary Black board Chalk !

The tools used are a Sewing Needle and a
Shaving Blade !
Mermaid showing
off her Pearl !
Love !
Loanly Mermaid !
Mermaid on the
Anchor Chain
Mermaid on the
Anchor Chain
Treasure !
Mermaid and
Sailer playing !
Mermaid kissing
the Sailor Diver
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