Pictures of Singur Nandigram Movement
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These pictures have been taken by Milan while participating in these Padayatras (Walks or Marches), Meetings and Rallies in Kolkata and elsewhere. Some of the photos were collected
from other sources and have been published here with due credits.

Singur, the day after the High Court of Calcutta verdict. 19th Jan 2008.
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On 18th Jan 2008, the High Court of Calcutta gave its verdict on all Singur related cases. It dismissed all cases stating that the
acquisition of land for Tata Motors Project at Kolkata was legal ! This came as a blow to the Singur movement. The people of
Singur, whose land was forcibly grabbed by the government have decided to go to the Supreme court.
We went to Singur on 19th Jan 08 and witnessed the indomitable courage of the people and their leaders and the democratic
nature of the movement at grassroots level.
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Buddhadeb Bhattacharya must be sacked immediately.
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Rabindranath Bhattacharya, the Member of
the Legislative assembly of West Bengal from
Singur belonging to AITMC (Trinamool
Congress) party.
He never deserted his people even during
the ruthless Land Grab action by Police of
Buddhadeb Bhattacharya on 2nd Dec 06. He
carried on hunger strike at this old age till he
was hospitalised. He reminds us of the
Gandhian era.
The Tata Motors project at Singur, laughs at the miseries of those villagers
whose land was snatched away by Buddhadeb Bhattacharya for Tata. The
view is from Gopalnagar Village in Singur.
Winter crops such as potatoes can be seen planted right up to the outside of the boundary
wall. This land of Singur is among the most fertile lands in the Indo-Gangetic plains.
Buddhadeb Bhattacharya had lied, saying that this was only a single crop land. The truth
is that Singur land has 4 - 6
major crops in a year in average. Some farmers cultivate
even up to 12 crops !
Besides 2 rivulets passing through this stretch of land, it has 27
Shallow and 3 Deep tube wells (one such pump house can be seen in this photo, left of
where Tapasi was burnt alive) for irrigation, which have all fallen within the boundary of
the project.

There were no beggars living in Singur !
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18 yrs old Tapasi Malik was raped
and burnt alive just behind those
hutments and trees inside the
boundary wall, by contract killers
employed by a local senior
member of the ruling party of
West Bengal (as disclosed by
CBI), to teach a lesson to the
agitating farmers.
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Grassroots Democracy :-
Rabindranath Bhattacharya, the MLA from Singur (in White), discussing with the people of
nagar Village of Singur, the next course of action to be taken after The Calcutta High court
declared that the Land acquisition by Govt for Tata Motors was Legal. Local Leader Manik Das (with
scarf around his head) & Tapasi Malik's father (just behind Manik Das) can also be seen. Leaders
answered all questions put forward by the villagers with humility.

The empty chair was kept for Mr. Bhattacharya, fondly called "Mastermoshai" and "Sir" by the people
of Singur as he was a school teacher. But he chose to sit on the ground  along with others. He held
meetings with people in all the affected villages that day, 19th Jan 2008.
Singur Land Movement Leader Manik Das,
School teacher Prafulla Majhi, Mahadeb
Das, in front of club "New Ujjal Sangha"
Bajemelia Gopalnagar
This stretch of road in front of New Ujjal Sangha, a club in Bajemelia & Gopalnagar villages of Sinugur is the
spot where the Tata's Convoy was stopped when they went to visit the land before acquisition in May 2006.
This is the Historical spot from where the now world famous "Singur Nandigram
Movement", started.