Payel Baag, the Child
celebrity of Bengal
She is only 3 and half yrs old.
Was jailed and booked under
Arms Act by Sri. Buddhadeb
Bhattacharya's police when
she was only 2 and half yrs old
because they thought her to be
too dangerous for the State!
She has already mastered the
art of shouting slogans along
with the elders !
SINGUR, 26 Oct 2007: Boundary wall of acquired land as seen from Berabari village, situated West of the Tata project site. Watch towers erected with in the boundary wall and Tarpaulin
shades outside, for the security guards can be seen. (Click on the picture for enlarged view)
SINGUR, 30 Sept 2007: Boundary wall & Tata project site acquired land, as seen from Durgapur Expressway, situated East of
the site. Security guards can be seen on the foreground. The flooded sight of the Tata project site will give the impression that
this land gets inundated during every rainy season proving the low yielding nature of the land ! The truth, as claimed by the
Singur villagers, is that the lock gates of the irrigation canals, which fell with in the site area, were intentionally rendered
ineffective causing this flooding, by the project management. This flooding is not a normal affair ! A lot of construction work in
progress can also be seen.  
(Click on the picture for enlarged view)
SINGUR, 30 Sept 2007: Celebrating 1 year of the
Singur Movement ! Part of the Boundary wall of Tata
project (left),  as seen from Durgapur Expressway
(Click on the picture for enlarged view)
This is how Singur looks today
This is how Durga Puja was celebrated in Singur's affected villages :- Just for our visitor's knowledge - Durga Puja for a
Bengali Hindu is as important as
Eid ul Fitr for the Muslims and X-mas for the Christians ! The farmers of Singur whose land was forcibly snatched away by the West
Bengal Govt. of Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, had to refrain from celebrating this festival for the past two years. Singur, 16 Oct 2007. All Photos were taken by
Milan(, if not mentioned otherwise. (Click on the pictures for enlarged view)
Lakshmi Puja in Singur's affected villages - Goddess Lakshmi, the giver of wealth, fortune and happiness at home was celebrated with
what ever meager resources they could mobilise.
(Click on the pictures for enlarged views)
Singur, 26 Oct 2007: The venue
of Lakshmi Puja at Beraberi
village in Singur. Preparations
underway for preparing the Bhog
or Prasad on the right. On the left
of the Goddesses' idol in the
temple in the form of a hut, are
two posters signed by Intellectuals
of Kolkata expressing their
solidarity with the people of
Singur, 26 Oct 2007: Village
women at the Lakshmi Puja
celebrations at Beraberi Village in
Singur, 26 Oct 2007: Villegers,
starting with Children having their
Bhog or Prasad.
Singur, 26 Oct 2007: Villegers,
starting with Children having their
Bhog or Prasad.
This is where the Durga Puja festival is
held every year in Beraberi village in
Singur. No Pujas for last 2 yrs. All
farmers of Singur assembled here on
Maha Panchami day. Those who were
jailed or those who bore the brunt of
police atrocities were presented with a
token Sari or Lungi/Dhoti by the
leaders of the Singur Movement, in a
very simple ceremony.
Photos of some of the agitating men and women, receiving their presents
from the leaders of the Singur Movement. First 2 photos show Sri Partha
Chattopadhyay,  saying a few  words.  The child  in the third  picture  is
Payel Baag coming to receive her present.
Leaders of
Paschim Banga
Krishijomi Jiban
Jibika Bachao
From left : Smt.
Dola Sen, Sri.
Purnendu Basu,
Sri Partha
the leader of
opposition in
West Bengal
Ladies at the gathering
The Lady receiving the
present from Sri Partha
Chattopadhyay is Nayantara
Dhara. She is a well known
poet of Singur.
Click here to
read her poetry in this site in
Bengali. 3rd from Left is Sri.
Manik Das, the local Leader.
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Pictures of Singur Nandigram Movement
These pictures have been taken by Milan while participating in these Padayatras (Walks or Marches), Meetings and Rallies in Kolkata and elsewhere. Some of the photos were
collected from other sources and have been published here with due credits.
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