Pictures of Singur Nandigram Movement
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These pictures have been taken by Milan while participating in these Padayatras (Walks or Marches), Meetings and Rallies in Kolkata and elsewhere. Some of the photos were
collected from other sources and have been published here with due credits.

March called by "Swajan" in support of Taslima Nasrin's Return to Kolkata.
22th Dec 2007.
We have included this episode under Singur Nandigram because it was created to divert attention away from them !
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Prelude to this March:

On 22nd Nov 07, a group of protesters of Indian Minority Forum led by
Lawyer Mr. Idris Ali (Who is also a member of the Congress Party) carried
out a blockade at Park Circus protesting against Nandigram Massacre and
also Demanded Expulsion of Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasrin for
allegedly insulting Prophet Mohammed in her Novel "Dwikhandita".
However very soon the agitation went beyond the control of Mr. Idris Ali, into
the hands of miscreants who seemed to be close to the ruling CPI(M) party
for the following reason given in
italics !

This incident was being covered Live by all the News TV channels. The
hostile demonstrators did not allow any other TV channel except "24Ghanta"
to shoot from within their midst ! While all other TV channels were shooting
from behind the Police lines, "24Ghanta" was showing their footage from
behind the demonstrators!  It is well known that "24Ghanta" is the mouth
piece of CPI(M), though managed by a private house! They have always
been busy in dishing out News of Nandigram and all other issues towing
the CPI(M)'s line ! We have seen in the past that this channel was the only
channel that was allowed in Khejuri (adjacent to Nandigram )area which
was controlled by CPI(M). Any media, not towing the Party line was not
allowed there. Similarly any media towing the Party line was not allowed
entry to Nandigram Agitation area dominated by BUPC or Bhumi Uchchhed
Protirodh Committee.

Thus when the demonstrators in Park Circus area allowed "24Ghanta" TV
Channel, they must have been pretty close to the demonstrators who were
later on actually found to be close to the Ruling Party by the investigations
carried out by other media. So Mr.Idris Ali's apparently harmless
demonstration was actually hijacked by the goons close to the ruling CPI(M)
! Mr. Ali is facing "Attempt to murder" charges under IPC 307.

The Govt. patiently waited of about 4 hrs and let the hoodlums burn more
than a dozen vehicles before calling in the Army, so that situation may
appear to be like a Riot on religious grounds. While the people of the state
was not bothered about Taslima for so many years after publication of her
book, the Govt found it so dangerous that she was forcibly sent out of the
state. However CPI(M) now says that she left on her own sweet will !  

Mr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, whose Govt at Center,
rests on the props of CPI(M), did not even find it strange to play in to the
hands of such Fundamentalist forces. We may recall here that
till today, he
did not find any thing wrong enough in Nandigram for scheduling a visit as
a healing touch to that area butchered by the Harmads of Buddhadeb
Bhattacharya !

About this March:  

Taslima was shunted around between Rajasthan and New Delhi.
Finally she was kept at a secret location. She was neither allowed
to go out nor was she allowed to contact any body. In fact she
was imprisoned. She managed to tell all that to a National TV

Some of the leading Artists of Kolkata have recently formed a
society called "Swajan". They had given a call for a protest march
on 22nd Dec 07 from Academy of Fine Arts to the Nandigram
Mancha at Dharmatala or Esplanade. The March started at 1:
30PM and was led by celebrities like artist Subhaprasanna,
Manik Mandal, film and theatre personalities like Bibhas
Chakrabarty, Shaoli Mitra, Koushik Sen and others, human right
activists like Sujat Bhadra, Meher Engineer and others..    

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Buddhadeb Bhattacharya must be sacked immediately.
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The March at the starting point :-
Academy of Fine Arts, kolkata.
Face of the March with celebrities. Kaushik
Sen can be seen 2nd fr left.
Face of the March with celebrities. Subha
Prasana wth flowing beard
Face of the March with celebrities. Manik
Mandal in orange shirt
The March in progress.
The March in progress.
The March in progress.
The March in progress.
The March in progress.
The March in progress, passing through
Cathedral Road. St. Paul's Cathedral is on
the right
The March in progress, passing through
howringhi Road.
The March in progress, passing through
Chowringhi Road.
Grand Hotel can be seen
in front in white
The March in progress, passing under Park
Street fly over
The March in progress, Meher Engineer &
Sujat Bhadra at the tail end of the March
followed by Police jeep.
The March ending at Nandigram Mancha at
Dharnatala or Esplanede opposite Metro cinema
Singer Ashim(Giri) can be seen in the fore ground
in deep blue shirt.
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