Milan's Sketches of Places
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Tamil Nadu, India
Drawn in Feb ~ May 1986
West Bengal, India
Drawn in Feb ~ March 1985
Agnee Teertham Sea Beach. Walking distance from the
Rameshwaram Temple ( Not seen in the picture ), is as
sacred as Kashi or Gaya to the Hindus.
The view of Mt.Kanchanjangha from Rose Bank. A part of the
beautiful hill town of Darjeeling is visible showing
Singhmari,Darjeeling Govt. College etc.
Lakshman Teertham Temple, the reservoir is full of
fish. No Fishing, only Feeding allowed.
The Shrubberry Gardens with green house.
Kodanda-Ramar Koil (temple). It is believed that Lord
Ram coronated Bibhisan at this spot while returning
from Lanka after the victory over Ravan
The beautiful Darjeeling Railway Station with a Toy Train engine
(now a World Heritage Object) and a carriage in the fore ground.
Gandhamadan Parvatam Temple. A small temple
built on a small hillock, believed to be the legendary
mountain carried by Lord Hanuman for providing the
medicine Vishalya Karani, to revive Lakshman who
was hit by Meghnaad, who fought from behind the
clouds. It is also belived that Lord Ram planned, over
saw and directed his troops from this vantage point.
There are a pair of foot prints engraved on a piece of
stone, believed to be the foot prints of Lord Ram.
Mall, the show piece tourist destination in Darjeeling. The
statues of King of Nepal and Poet Bhanu Bhakta can be seen.
View of the Palace of Bardhaman Maharaja and
his Temple from Rose Bank.
Victoria Falls, Darjeeling. Unfortunately drawn in
the lean season. During the monsoons it can be
quite a frightening sight !
Passenger Rope way at Singhmari
Happy Valley Tea Estate, as seen from the Hill Cart
Road just below the cemetary.
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