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Milansagar's Music
Art, Sculpture, and Music are universal languages. No matter which part of the world you are from, you will enjoy
them. Thus this site, being a Cultural Site has music as the other dimension of Universality.

Selection of Music
As you might have already known that this is an Indian Cultural Site, the background music has been selected and
composed exclusively from the vast ocean of Indian Classical Music. For the general English text pages, we have
Indian Classical Instrumental and Vocal recitals. However keeping in mind, our viewers from any part of the world,
even the Vocal recitals have no language to follow or understand. The vocals are 'Tarana' a type of Indian Classical
Music composed of a few vocal sounds, which may seem like words, but actually mean nothing. Thus just enjoy it as
another instrumental music where the instrument is the vocal chord !
The instruments selected are of pure Indian origin. Sitar, Sarod, Santur, Bansi(Flute) and Tabla.

Musicians in Milansagar
click below for details about the musicians and listen to their music.
Goddess Saraswati
The Goddess of Learning
Lord Ganesh
The God of all beginnings
Sagarika Sengupta
Rabindra Sangeet singer, a
disciple of Suchitra Mitra ...
Tapas Paul A versatile
musical genius, He is a
master of Tabla ...
Sudhangshu Halder A
vocalist & Flute master, runs
a Music academy ...
Sushoma Halder A
vocalist, disciple of Ajit
Dutta, Haimanti Shukla ...
Ganesh Karmakar Sarod
player, he belongs to the
Myhar Gharana ...
Aranya Chowdhury
Santoor player. A deciple of
Pundit Tarun Bhattacharjee ...
Master Ayan Sengupta
Sitar player, disciple of Pt
Manilal Nag and ...
Artists and musicians at the recording of
Nazrul Geeti-Karar oi louho kopat, for the
Page of
Kazi Nazrul Islam's poetry.
from left :  Sushoma Halder-Lead female voice, Urmi
Banerjee - chorus, Shankha-Key board, Tapas
Paul-Music Director, Rajdeep Das -Pad, Bireshwar
Sengupta-Chorus, Sudhangshu Halder-Lead male voice.
Shraboni Sengupta a
promising singer of Bengali
Modern Songs ...
Musicians ! ...
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Indian musicians in
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contacts and
details about
themselves and
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